Today, the Ukrainian market offers a wide range of GPS trackers from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

When choosing a suitable tracker, it is important to specify exactly what needs of the enterprise the selected equipment should satisfy. It can be simple location tracking for route planning, fuel consumption monitoring, temperature tracking, getting data from the on-board computer, reading data from a digital tachograph, etc.

If there is already an installed monitoring system with trackers on some fleet of cars, it is important to make sure that the new tracker model is compatible with the existing software.

First of all, trackers, like most electronic devices, need power. It can be a built-in battery or the ability to connect to an external source. Most trackers can be connected to the car battery through various methods such as cigarette lighter socket, jumper wires or OBDII connector.

The functionality of the trackers can vary, including Bluetooth support for connecting additional sensors, CAN bus support for reading data from the on-board computer, the presence of additional buttons or inputs and outputs for connecting additional equipment.

An important parameter is the input voltage supported by the tracker, as its compatibility with various types of vehicles depends on it.

Also, the level of protection of the case plays an important role in choosing a tracker, as its resistance to external factors, such as dust and water, depends on it.

To choose the best tracker, it is recommended to contact certified distributors who will provide professional advice and select the optimal devices for the specific needs of the enterprise.

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